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Electrical Repairs Near Me: When to Call For Professional Help

Our dependence on electricity can sometimes overshadow the risks posed by our home’s electrical systems. But when things go wrong, they can go wrong fast. It’s necessary to immediately spot the signs of electrical emergencies early on. 

Ignoring or delaying a response to these signs doesn’t just damage your property; it can put everyone at home in danger. This guide will walk you through the signs of electrical emergencies, their causes, and when to begin searching for “electrical repairs near me.”

Sudden Power Outage

We’re all familiar with the surprise of lights suddenly going out at home. While sometimes it’s because of a storm or planned maintenance, an unexplained sudden loss of power may signal a significant issue.

Possible Causes
Overloaded CircuitsToo many devices drawing power simultaneously can trip the system.
Damaged Fuse BoxesA malfunctioning or outdated fuse box can fail without warning.
Local Power Grid IssuesExternal factors like maintenance or problems at the power station.


  • Stalled home systems: HVAC, security systems, and other vital functions halt.
  • Spoiling of perishables: Refrigerators and freezers cease, risking food spoilage.
  • Potential electrical surges: A surge can damage electronics when power returns.

Recommended Action:

  • Check neighbouring homes: Determine if it’s a widespread issue.
  • Call an electrician: If the outage is isolated to your home, seek professional help.

Burning Odours

The sudden whiff of a burning smell in your home is unsettling. Especially when it comes from an unknown source, it’s necessary to act quickly and identify the root cause, as it could be related to your electrical system.

Possible Causes
Overheated WiresWires that are getting too hot due to too much electricity passing through.
Short CircuitsA wrong connection causing electricity to flow where it shouldn’t.
Faulty Electrical DevicesDevices or appliances malfunctioning and producing a burning smell.


  1. Fire hazards: One of the biggest threats. Burning smells can quickly turn into flames.
  2. Property damage: Fires or short circuits can damage your home and belongings.
  3. Potential injuries: If there’s a fire or a faulty device, it can harm anyone nearby.

Recommended Action:

  • Turn off power: It’s safer to shut off the main power until you know what’s happening.
  • Call an emergency electrician: Don’t wait. Get a professional to check out the problem ASAP.

Visible Sparks or Electrical Arcing

Seeing sparks or flashes, known as electrical arcing, can be startling and dangerous. Electricity jumping between gaps can create these bright, sometimes loud, sparks.

Possible Causes
Faulty WiringBad or old wires causing the electricity to spark.
MoistureWater getting into places it shouldn’t, thus, leading to sparks.
Defective Electrical DeviceA device that’s not working right can cause visible sparks.


  1. Fires: Sparks can ignite nearby materials and start a fire.
  2. Electrocution: Anyone in direct contact with a sparking area, the potential for a severe electric shock becomes a real concern.
  3. Equipment damage: Damage may occur to the sparking devices as well as nearby gadgets.

Recommended Action:

  • Deactivate the affected circuit: Turn off the specific switch or area where sparks are detected.
  • Call a professional: It’s best to entrust this task to an electrician; they possess the expertise to handle it safely.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights could seem minor, but they can be a warning sign of underlying electrical issues that could evolve into significant problems if not promptly addressed.

Possible Causes
Loose WiringWires not connected properly can cause lights to flicker.
Power SurgesSudden increases in electrical power can lead to flickering lights.
Overloaded CircuitsOverloading a circuit with too many devices using electricity can lead to flickering lights.


  1. Fire hazards: Flickering lights could mean electrical parts are overheating, possibly leading to a fire.
  2. Damage to connected devices: Flickering lights often come with power surges that could harm other electronic devices in your home.

Recommended Action:

  • Reduce load: Try unplugging some devices to see if the flickering stops.
  • Consult with an electrician: For a safer and more permanent solution, it’s best to seek professional advice. An electrician can identify and fix the root cause of the flickering lights.

Electrical Shocks

An electrical shock, however minor it can seem, is a serious warning of potential hazards in your electrical system. Immediate actions are necessary to prevent further risks, including severe injuries or fatalities.

Possible Causes
Grounding IssuesThe electricity doesn’t flow to the ground correctly, causing a shock.
Faulty AppliancesA device or machine that is broken or not working properly can give a shock.
Defective WiringWires that are damaged or set up wrong can cause shocks.


  1. Injuries: A shock can hurt you, causing burns or affecting your heart rhythm.
  2. Potential Fatality: A strong electrical shock could be deadly in the worst-case scenario.

Recommended Action:

  • Disconnect power source or appliance: If it’s safe, unplug or turn off the power where the shock happened.
  • Call a professional: Contact an electrician to investigate the cause of the shock and implement repairs to prevent its recurrence.

Exposed or Damaged Wiring

Exposed wires can be an unsightly problem, but more importantly, they pose significant risks. This is why you shouldn’t ignore them and what actions to take if you spot damaged wiring.

Possible Causes
Wear and TearWires getting old or frayed over time.
PestsCreatures like rats or squirrels chewing on wires.
Poor InstallationNot set up right in the first place, causing wires to be exposed.


  1. Electrocution: Touching exposed wires, especially with wet hands or feet, can give a dangerous shock.
  2. Fire hazards: Damaged wires can spark and ignite nearby materials, leading to fires.

Recommended Action:

  • Avoid touching: Don’t touch or go near the exposed wires for your safety.
  • Isolate the area: Keep everyone, especially kids and pets, away from where the damaged wires are.
  • Get professional help: It’s important to call an electrician to fix exposed or damaged wiring. They have the tools and knowledge to do it safely.

Unexplained Tripping of Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are safety mechanisms designed to shut off electricity when there’s a problem. If yours is tripping often and without a clear reason, it’s essential to understand why and address the issue promptly.

Possible Causes
OverloadsToo many devices running, causing too much electricity flow.
Short CircuitsIncorrect electrical flow due to a fault.
Outdated BreakersOld breakers that can’t handle modern electrical loads.


  1. Electrical fires: Overloads and short circuits can cause overheating, potentially leading to a fire.
  2. Appliance damage: Frequent tripping can damage household devices by cutting their power abruptly.

Recommended Action:

  • Avoid frequent resetting: Don’t just keep turning the breaker back on without addressing the root cause.
  • Seek professional assessment: An electrician checking why your breaker keeps tripping is a good idea. They can offer solutions and ensure your home remains safe.

Crackling Sounds from Electrical Outlets

Hearing unusual noises from your electrical outlets, like crackling sounds, is not just unsettling – it’s a warning sign. Addressing it promptly can prevent potential mishaps and keep your home safe.

Possible Causes
Faulty OutletsOutlets that are damaged or malfunctioning can produce noises.
Loose WiringWires not securely connected can make crackling sounds when in use.


  • Fire risks from hidden sparks: Crackling sounds can indicate sparking or arcing within the outlet, igniting nearby materials.

Recommended Action:

  • Deactivate outlet: Turn off the power to that specific outler by unplugging devices or switching off the circuit.
  • Consult with a professional: Before using the outlet again, have it checked by a qualified electrician. They can identify the cause of the noise and fix it appropriately.

Visible Smoke or Flames

Seeing smoke or flames coming from your electrical system is an immediate and severe emergency. It’s vital to act swiftly to prevent loss and harm.

Possible Causes
Severe MalfunctionsMajor problems with your electrical setup causing fires.
Short CircuitsIncorrect flow of electricity, leading to sparks and flames.
Defective DevicesBroken or malfunctioning devices that overheat and catch fire.


  • Immediate fire threats: Visible smoke or flames can quickly spread, putting your home and its inhabitants in danger.

Recommended Action:

  • Turn off power if safe: If you can safely access the main switch, turn off the power to your home.
  • Evacuate: Ensure everyone leaves the house immediately.
  • Call emergency services: Immediately dial your local emergency number to report the fire.
  • Contact an electrician: Once the immediate threat is over, consult a professional to assess and repair the damage. They can ensure your home’s electrical system is safe moving forward.
electrician near me

Find an “Electrician Near Me” Home Service

Every minute counts in an emergency. Make sure you have the contact number of a trusted electrician saved in your phone – you never know when you will need it. And remember, when it comes to electrical issues, especially emergencies, always prioritize professional solutions over DIY fixes. 
If you are out there searching for “electrical repairs near me,” you landed in the right place with Mountain Point Electrical Inc. Your safety and the safety of your loved ones are paramount. Don’t take chances; always call the professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is residential panel wiring?

According to Premium Electric, residential panel wiring refers to the electrical wiring system within a home’s breaker panel or fuse box. This panel is the central hub where electricity from the utility company enters and is then distributed to various parts of the house through individual circuits.

How do I find a reputable electrical repair service near me?

Ask friends and family for recommendations for a reputable electrical repair service near you. Check online reviews on Yelp and Google My Business to gauge local electricians’ reputations. Ensure they are licensed and insured in your state, and consider getting multiple quotes for comparison. 

Trust your instincts after initial communications, and prioritize electricians who offer warranties or satisfaction guarantees on their work.